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2021-08-28 07:11:35
Hello,You misspelled the word "venus" on your website. Sometimes errors like can hurt your web traffic. Maybe check out a service that alerts you to issues like or

2021-06-25 12:24:40
Recently started running a lightning node, wouldn't mind some new channels to get things going. Thanks! 0280732d8bdc9a3be003df5bbbc34b887195a7aaece060de498d31fb545fca7fe3@mx7cizzqj4mbx7outlogwh6v53f52nc2l3xbfgi23ynjdd3bqvlulwid.onion:9735

2021-05-17 21:37:18
It looks like you have a couple spelling errors on your website such as the word "venus". Check out a service like to help. We've used it in the past and liked it.

2021-02-15 15:01:35
It looks like you've misspelled the word "venus" on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. I've used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.

2021-01-28 07:27:04

2021-01-13 13:36:10
hi please open a little channel towards me ,my invoices dosent work 03c7f5ccc363e7eb7d15c13e88f21a865f0f4fff976f4948b0fc112af8474831a5@og5xi2oqsmmw5vj4hjbi6xkdorfn23rmljmegne7u2yblhrvlsoiesyd.onion:9735

2020-12-23 00:42:33
Hi, please if can open a channel to my node. I will make the same 023a5ffb6a59af08b0d34bc25ed0328a4992789cb0728799eef045ce9f3ffcde6d@5uozumabpmp5vmmqjgcamueegrwgzbxdjczhkm5mmqqqxq4ndkgiloyd.onion:9735

2020-11-23 12:46:49
Just watched your video about double spending. Dude, you should read about RBF ))

2020-05-26 16:21:47
fees are high, I can connect as soon as they are lower

2020-05-26 01:03:31
Please help add liquidity to my node, will match in return :) 020ec1b1be32061d3c5264be7e6d63a59a28b89e06eb7adc619590adabb080469d@gkid343petj2a7b6rbzpcs5j3xjkko5ocmoehxs6ctngzzv5vhn2qyyd.onion:9735

2020-04-01 02:55:26